Restore Ministries International
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Our Story

Our Mission:

Restore Ministries International is a Bible based, non-profit ministry, providing relief to churches in need around the world.

From our home base in Middle Georgia, where we operate a local food bank and disaster center, RMI is positioned to respond when a disaster strikes around the world, such as a hurricane, earthquake, tornado, flood, or fire.  Our mission is to support churches, missionaries, and ministries both to assist in the repairs to their facilities, and to help them show the love of Christ to their communities in their greatest time of need.

With an experienced staff, the ability to mobilize thousands of volunteers, a surplus of disaster relief supplies, and the equipment and tools necessary to begin immediate relief work and repair, Restore Ministries International is there to support the local churches, missionaries, and ministries around the world when disaster strikes.

Our Founder and Director:


Greg and Robin Rife

Greg grew up in Pennsylvania and Tennessee. He accepted Christ at his home when he was 5 after a church activity. He grew up in a pastor's home and was heavily involved in ministry.  After high school, he began a construction company where he specialized in flooring and tile installation while still serving in his local church. Greg has served as a youth pastor and deacon. He surrendered to full time service when he was 32, sold his company, and joined the staff of a local church where he served in a multi-million dollar renovation program. In 2005, he responded to the disaster left by Hurricane Katrina and Restore Ministries was born.

Robin was raised in a Christian home in Pennsylvania. She accepted Christ at the age of 14 at a summer youth camp. Robin was also heavily involved in local church ministries. She and Greg met in 1986 and were married in 1988. They raised 3 children, Ashley, Alex, and Brandon. 

Greg and Robin live in Milledgeville, GA where they are members of Emmanuel Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor Phil Rogers.

Our Origin:

Restore Ministries International was born out of a 2 week short term missions trip in response to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. After driving busloads of relief supplies from his local church in Tennessee, Greg decided to spend a couple of weeks in the heart of the disaster zone of Hurricane Katrina attempting to save local church buildings from further damage after the storm.  As other groups of volunteers from churches around the country began to plan their trips, it became obvious that someone needed to help organize those groups in order for them be effective in their relief work in this unprecedented disaster zone. 

RMI was born during the next 12 months while facilitating that work.  A massive relief center grew from scratch on the property of Calvary Baptist Church in Bay St. Louis, MS.  Millions of dollars of clothing and food were distributed from donations around the country.  RMI helped to direct thousands of volunteers, gutted hundreds of homes, rebuilt Calvary Baptist Church, and saw hundreds come to Christ during their response to Katrina. 

Since then RMI has responded to disasters across the globe including Hurricane Matthew in Haiti (2016), West Virginia Flood (2016 ), Haitian Earthquake (2010), Hurricane Ike in Texas (2009), Hurricane Gustav in Louisiana (2009), Hurricane Wilma in Florida (2006), Hurricane Wilma in Bahamas (2006), Hurricane Rita in Texas (2006). 

In addition to the disaster relief responses, RMI has built relationships with missionaries, national pastors, orphanages, schools, volunteers and relief organizations across the globe. They have also taken part in church building, restoration, and improvements across the U.S. while not in disaster zones.